About Me.

I am a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. I grew in poor neighborhoods in one of the most violent cities in America during one of the most violent periods of American history – the late 70s and early 80s – and I've got the knife scars to prove it.

This has stamped my writing, and I populate my stories with updated, high-tech versions of the people of my misspent youth: petty street thugs, drug fiends, dreamy mystics, prostitutes, blue-collar regular people struggling to make ends meet, casually brutal cops, holy rollers all set against a psychedelic super-charged backdrop of mobs and corruption in what is easily one of the weirdest cities in the world. In this, I was unable to keep my big mouth shut, running time and again against all this fabulous corruption, violence and raw creative energy. My youth in a violent, corrupt, garish and vibrant place influences everything I do, creating lurid situations of sex and violence, whether it be historical fiction or horror, cyberpunk or neo-noir. I consider my weird life in Las Vegas to be one of the defining features of my writing, providing me with endless examples of conflict-laden personal interaction of the most interesting kind.

As a writer, I feel I'm a new media content provider. Which is a lot of words to say “writer”. But it is obvious the role of a writer has changed. The days when a writer wrote a story, send it to the publisher and merely signed books at coffee shops has ended. Today, a writer has to be aware of their role in a continuum of media of which writing is only the beginning. From the daily writing of a blog, the making of video blogs, the writing of stories and novels, screenplays . . . it jumps into design of video games, supported by music, comic books and promoted via RSS and multimedia streaming technology. Providing content for all phases of media is my goal beyond the mere selling of books or writing of stories – to try to create a multimedia experience that modernizes writing into the 21st century.

Currently, I live in Santa Cruz, California, where my wife conducts research computer-modeling planets smashing into each other and what's going on deep inside of Jupiter.