Video and Audio downloads

Dungeons & Dragons and the Ant Farm

Stories of my youth! Definitely comedy gold. Freakish tales of geekdom and violence!

The Bible is Stupid! Makin' Fun of Genesis #1

The Bible the perfect book? Ha! Let me demonstrate that it isn't even a GOOD one.

Making with the Funny! The End of the World.

I was angry. Now I am funny. Listen to me talk about the end of the world! Then laugh! Then share with your friends!

Jerry Falwell is Dead! GOOD! And fundie nut job responses!

My video obituary for Jerry Falwell and some words for the inane fundamentalist nutjobs who are engaging in moral nihilism to protect the memory of this deeply evil man.

Confessions of an Atheist #2: Atheists and Morality

In which I talk about morality from the atheist point of view, and give some critique of religious morality.

Confessions of an Atheist #1: Why Do Atheists Hate God?

First of my series about atheist confessions, where I talk about things that Christians and other religious folks might want to know about atheists. In this one, I talk about atheists and how they don't believe in god, but are sometimes angry at religious people for fundamentalism and attacks of atheists.

Intelligent Design DEATHMATCH vs. Archeology and UFO NUTS!

Video rant about how intelligent design isn't a science by comparing it to something that is a science that uses design as a concept, archeology, and some brief discussion about intelligent design vis-a-vis UFO nuts.

Interview About Simon Peter, Take One

This is my first interview, with the help of Tim "Santiago" Converse, where we discuss some of my influences and some opening bits about Simon Peter.


This man, with neolithic tools, by himself, successfully erected a Stonehenge sized block. By himself. He thinks that the folks in Stonehenge must have done something similar, which may never be known, but he has conclusively demonstrated that it can be done with very simple tools.

Here will be another video.